Alleluia 2001

New Age, vocalise, jazz, classical, folk, and popular music
with flute, guitars, and voice

Photo of a Glass Block Engraving
by Jonathan Munro,
an impression of Alphonse Mucha's "Printemps 1900"

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Copyright 2001 Elyse O'Connor. Alleluia 2001 is a BMI affiliate.
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"Elyse O'Connor uses her lovely voice to perfection in this marvelous collection of old favorites and original compositions."
-- Ron Della Chiesa, WGBH Radio Station, Boston, MA

Praise for An Exquisite Musical Offering, May 18, 2003:
"Elyse O'Connor's gorgeous voice and full, operatic vocal range shine in this unique mix of originals and standards that are sure to please a wide audience of discerning listeners. Thoughtful use of guitar and flute accompaniment. Lovely!"
-- A music fan from Cambridge, MA

Exceptional, May 16, 2003:
"This is a wonderful collection of songs. Mrs O'Connor has an angelic voice that we humans can enjoy.The songs come directly from Mrs O' Connors heart and are full of emotions.I fell in love with this cd from the first time I heard it. It is so soothing, so majestic, so wonderful. Honesty,love,purity are included in every song. Everyone that appreciates quality in life should own this cd."
--Christos from Boston, USA

Alleluia Breeze., May 12, 2003:
"I absolutely love Elyse O Conner's voice.Its soothing, inspiring and mature. You know I listen to Alleluia 2001 at different parts of the day because it goes very well with anything relaxing. I wake up to 'A taste of honey' (track 6), study with a background of track 13, 'recipe for the earth' and listen to 'for Spacious Skies' (track 10) just before I go to bed.  This CD is excellent! I would highly recommend it to anybody who appreciates good and soothing music.Elyse is a power-house and Alleluia 2001 is one of my all time favorite CD's that holds a special place in my heart."
-- Cedza