Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 5:31 PM EDT

Elyse's Newest Album "Easy and Light" is scheduled for Release near end of 2017

After beginning work on her 7th  music album in November of 2013, Elyse O'Connor continues with final preparations for release. She wants her fans to remember, that
"Most albums on the internet are available for most of us and for free, but musicians' products are not really free at all:  Time to gather capital and then spend to record, edit, and produce a final product is the reality for professional and amateur musicians alike.  I love recording and making music, and it is a gift of love that I experience in the doing of it.
When I know that others are listening and enjoying, that is gratifying. My music is a gratuity given to listeners around the globe. Nonetheless, from time to time I do wish I could earn enough money in album sales to offset my recording expenses and record even more; but that is often not the case for me and for many artists.  I too enjoy the freedom of downloading music on the internet, but I lose out from a financial standpoint as a professional musician who must provide my own resources to give freely to my fans and their appreciative ears. :)    
This past May I had a car accident and as a result I must again delay release of "Easy and Light,"  But I assure my fans that four tracks are indeed mastered and awaiting album cover design and cd duplication costs to facilitate release, hopefully by the end of 2017.  When that happens, I hope all my fans will love "Easy and Light."   
Thursday, February 28th, 2008 10:06 PM EST

Winter Melting into Spring...

Snowstorm coming tomorrow in the Boston area---Here's one
for the Poet's Corner:

Winter in Billerica

Silent Beauty
Silent Depths of Gray,
the wintry season of the year.
All that tender beauty
sculpted on the trees bough-bare
arms in prayerful surrender,
their branches lift our gaze
while inside fires ponder
soundless sea and drifted waves

Elyse O'Connor, 1-22-2001

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