Just Love - Album Preview
A preview Of Elyse O'Connor's new album, to be released in 2005

Just Love - Album Preview is dedicated to those who want to move beyond conflict into a place where they can create a new vision for the planet, a time out from pain and suffering, a step closer to a clearing in the woods to make a home for the heart. 
Elyse O'Connor, November 2004

Illustration for Alfred Noyes' poem "A Spell for a Fairy"
in Princess Mary's Gift Book by Claude Shepperson.
(Hodder and Stoughton, no date, c. 1914, p. 101ff).

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1. Just Love, a Vocalise, Music by Elyse O'Connor, Vocals and Guitar by
Elyse, lead guitar by Felix Rentschler, percussion by Stephen Clements, and
flute by Sharrhan Williamson. 4 minutes and 23 seconds playing time

2. America, America, Words and Music by Elyse O'Connor, guitar by Dave
Rizzuti and Elyse O'Connor, percussion by Stephen Clements, and all vocals
by Elyse   Six minutes 5 seconds playing time

 3. Blackbirds and Thrushes, Tradtional melody with Vocals and Guitar by
Elyse O'Connor, Moroccan drums by Stephen Clements, and song arrangement by
Elyse   4 minutes 40 seconds playing time

Winter in Billerica
1-22-01  Elyse O'Connor
Silent beauty,
Silent depths of gray,
the wintry season of the year,
all that tender beauty
sculpted on the trees bough-bare
arms in prayerful surrender,
their branches lift our gaze
while inside fires ponder
soundless sea and drifted waves.